Our Vision - The Art and Science of Ecological Modelling

To be a unique Capture and Modelling Service which focuses on conservation and the sustainability of marine life forms, especially coral; and to provide authentic representations - through art and science, encouraging social awareness of the necessity of ecosystem sustainability.


  • We recognise the interdependence of humans and wildlife within the environment, and its impact on the sustainability of the world that we live in.
  • We aim to contribute to this sustainability by creating realistic capture models that can enable analysis of the species that we deal with, while also advancing knowledge about their health and welfare through relevant research.

  • As part of our social responsibility we educate the local community about conservation and involve them in our activities to create an awareness of sustainability and the complexities of the web of life. We believe that through art we can communicate the beauty of our ecosystems
  • On a broader scale, we aim to increase awareness of the general public, both locally and internationally, of the importance of our work by providing unique and unforgettable Virtual Reality experiences and to promote connection to our research partners


  • The 3D Capture of endangered, vulnerable or rare species
  • The education of learners, students and the general public in conservation and conservation-related activities

  • The promotion of scientific research and development in the wildlife conservation field
  • Fundraising to assist in the operational costs of ourselves and our partners

  • The analysis of 3D capture models to provide pertinent and timely scientific information to enable efficient MPA management