Model Analysis

GIS Software

ArcGIS or QGIS provides canvas with which to analyse topographical features of coral reefs particularly with respect to digital elevation model (DEM) and orthographic projection.

Physical Measurements

The inclusion of scaling factors within both turntable and field photogrammetric captures enable physical calculations to be made, such as volume, surface area and in the case of benthic structures, rugosity, magnitudes of accuracy greater than those that have been achieved by manual measurements.

MPA Management Support

Working with conservation organisations to help guide MPA Management.

Automated Condition Recognition

Once captured, a variety of frameworks allow us to analyse the condition of coral reefs.

Complex Structural Factors

A variety of morphometric (structural) measurements can be obtained from 3D objects in particular within ecology enabling us to understand its structural role within the environment.


Full analysis reports produced to client requirements, in a variety of formats.